Why You Shouldn't Try To Sell FSBO Call A Realtor


Why You Shouldn't Try To Sell Your Home Alone

& Why You Should Call A Realtor



Selling a house isn’t as simple as it seems. Taxation, laws, sale deeds and numerous legalities are involved. To make life simpler and the entire process hassle-free, we recommend that you get in touch with a real estate agent like Rick Collins early in the process. We are here to help you understand the benefits of hiring a Realtor for the sale of your prized home!

On the one hand, the journey from listing your house to cracking the deal can be a long and arduous one, full of unexpected roadblocks and stress! On the other hand, purchasing a home is one of the most treasured, but also the most expensive, of American dreams. Perhaps that is the reason why proper representation is such a critical factor.

While real estate websites and multiple apps can help you to an extent, a seasoned Realtor brings advice and knowledge of the local market along with exemplary negotiation skills that you can benefit from in the successful sale of your home!

Who is a Realtor?

There is a marked difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor. Not every real estate agent is a Realtor. However, vice-versa is true.

A Realtor is only one who is a member of the National Association of Realtors through one of the many local associations of Realtors. Thus, all Realtors are state-issued, licensed real estate agents, with an additional oath to abide by and enforce the Code of Ethics with Standards of Practice.

This ensures that their dealing with all concerned parties in the transaction are always fair and ethical. In contrast, real estate licensees (who are not members of a Realtor association) are not bound by any of these principles and codes of ethics prescribed by the Realtor Code.

Being a Realtor brings its own set of benefits like regular training to keep abreast of trends and practices within the real estate arena. Thus, a Realtor is up to date with the skills, knowledge and understanding of real estate processes, required to ensure a successful transaction.

Why Can “For Sale by Owner” Be A Losing Situation?

A Realtor’s professional commitment revolves around ensuring an equitable and fair real estate transaction for both the seller and buyer. Thus, hiring a Realtor to help you with the sale of your home will bring you peace of mind.

It will also ensure that you are represented by not just any real estate licensee, but by a committed professional bound by stringent, enforceable Code of Ethics and fair practices.

While trying to sell your home alone might seem like a feasible and liberating idea to you, one cannot downplay the role of a Realtor in bringing the sale of your home to a fruitful and quick end that results in good prices and myriad of other comforts too.

Some benefits that come with a Realtor and can make this losing battle of selling your house alone into a real win include:

A Realtor is on your side

A Realtor’s fiduciary responsibility rests with you. Thus, you get an expert professional looking out for your back and taking decisions that best represent your financial interests.

A Realtor understands the complexities of buying and selling
With the real estate market being one of the most complex and dynamic markets, buying and selling is no easy ballgame. Not only is every house different, but the real estate regulations also change with each passing year.

Realtors being real estate experts are always abreast of the prevalent regulations, practices and contracts at any time, as a seller you can reap fruits from their knowledge.

While like most sellers, you may end up listing your home online, knowledge about the pros and cons of any property, neighborhood and the local real estate market, in general, can help you price appropriately and make the changes that can help your home stand out to potential buyers.

A Realtor understands the local market

A Realtor’s job entails that they know the local market and have access to the latest data on type and amount of real estate sales in the area.

A Realtor can go beyond aesthetics to divulge relevant information about your home that you can use as highlights to ascertain an optimal price for the house you selling and help it sell more profitably as well.

Realtors are great negotiators

Negotiations can be tiresome, and you may miss out on a good price if your negotiation skills falter. A Relator, on the other hand, will ensure that even tough negotiations go in your favor as much as possible. Plus, once the negotiations are done, the entire process of contract documentation is full of bumps. A Realtor’s experience can definitely come in handy here.

Realtors adhere to a code of ethics

One of the most important aspects of engaging a Realtor lies in their stringent adherence to the Realtor code of ethics. Partnering with a Realtor means that you are hiring a thorough professional who is not only adept at his trade, but also ethical and fair in all transaction-related matters.

It is not advisable to wade into the unknown sea of real estate transactions alone. Engaging a Realtor is one of the most prudent ways forward.

How A Realtor Can Help?

A Realtor can help you with the following important activities and aspects involved right from the time you think about putting your house up for sale, to the time when you are done with the sale of the said property. Some of the areas where having a Realtor can make things simpler for you include:

All pre-listing activities, including a thorough research of the property and neighborhood
Preparing for the listing appointment presentation
Undertaking all work around the property’s interiors and exteriors that need to be attended after the listing agreement
Entering the house in the multiple listing services databases
Devising a marketing plan for the listing
Drawing up the offer and contract and track the loan process
Home inspection and appraisal of the property
All preparations related to closing of the deal
Follow-up after closing
If selling you home is on your mind these days, don’t forget to engage a Realtor to ease the situation for you and your family, and sell your house faster.

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