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Selling a home in Mansfield Ohio is not just about a house

There are certain essential key points to be taken into consideration. We are here to help you identify and incorporate them in your home-selling process.

When planning on selling a home, each and every owner would like to seal a high-value deal quickly. The moment you list your property, a buyer comes to look around your house, likes it… and bam, your home is sold.

We all would love a scenario like that, wouldn’t we? But it is not pure luck that is going to land you such a deal. Such a dream can be realized by meticulous planning.

Know The Basics

Do not act on impulse. Do not go around and list your house the same day you decide to sell it.

Look around your house and think from a buyer’s perspective. Will I buy a house…

with a cracked wall and a leaking pipe?
with a lawn that is overgrown and dead plants greeting visitors?
with too many pieces of furniture in one room?
If you answered with a big NO, to all of the above questions, then it is time to tighten your belt and turn your home into a buyers dream house.

Think like a purchaser and not the owner of the house who is ready to sell it; this will help you recognize the features you would like to see in your dream home. Then take a look at your house, does it meet your requirements?

If not, start working on those shortcomings.

When in doubt, ask people around you, use the Internet, and get all the information you can before you start transforming your home into a potential buyer’s dream home.

Here are some tips to get you started on preparing your home for the real estate market:


Once you have made a decision to sell your house, start de-cluttering. Carefully go through all the things you own in the house and make a list of the things you need and things you can sell or give away. People tend to stock up a lot on useless junk over the years that they do not even look back at.

For example, the big fancy vase you brought from your trip abroad. It has been sitting in a cabinet in your storeroom, long forgotten. You have no intentions of putting it up at your new house, so what is the point of packing and moving such things?

Start from your furniture, cooking utensils, other crockery items, showpieces, mattresses, books and more. Donate or sell things that you will no longer need.

Pack things you want to keep

Once you have sorted through the items you own, it is time to pack the ones you will be moving to your new place. We tend to get attached to materialistic luxuries over time, and it is natural to want them to be transferred to your new home as well.

You do not want a potential buyer eyeing up your favorite antique statue or the beautiful glass center table your dad got for you. If buyers end up liking your personal items they will try coaxing you to include them in the deal. If you refuse to do so, it might impact the overall offer they make.

To avoid such a situation, it is better not to let the buyers see such personal items in the first place. If you are not sure how to safely pack your prized household possessions, get professional help.

Take care of minor repairs

The day you move into your new house, the tile beneath your foot cracks in two pieces. The water tap at the kitchen sink will just not stop flowing. The storeroom at the top floor is a complete nightmare with broken windows and cobwebs. That does not paint a pretty picture at all, does it?

You need not go overboard and renovate your house by completely changing the flooring, painting the house and updating your kitchen cabinets.

There is no point in spending an exorbitant amount of money on a house that you will be eventually selling. But, you can take care of minor repairs like fixing the bulbs, repairing leaky taps and pipes, or touching up the paint on the walls.

Scrub, Shine, Sparkle

Clean your house before you host the open house. You do not want your guests to see the old mustard stain on your couch or the basement filled with debris from the last DIY furniture project you never finished.

Make sure your house looks spotless. Change the curtains; drape clean bed sheets in your bedrooms. There should be no wet towels or socks hanging around in the bathroom.

A clean house instills confidence in your guests that you have taken efforts to maintain the house over time.

Rearrange to Allow More Walking Space

On the big day of the open house, rearrange the furniture in your rooms so as to enable people to look around the place without bumping into tables and chairs. Stack up all chairs at one end of the room. The tables can be set together, with food on them. Open spaces give the illusion of bigger rooms.

When a buyer sees space around in a room, they start imagining how they are going to decorate it for themselves. You score a point because the buyers are already thinking how the house could be their home without your personal belongings in the way.

There are professional home stagers available in the real estate market that will help you present your house in the best possible way. They will identify the strengths of your house and play along with it to get you a good deal.

But if you do not want to shell out money for home stagers, you could follow the above-mentioned tips to make your property stand out from the other listings.

Repair, clean up, get rid of household items that you will not be needing, re-arrange your rooms, get some flowers and cookies on the tables and you are all set for a fantastic open house and great offers coming your way.

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